President’s Message

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. The Walnut Grove Homes Association Board of Directors is always eager to hear that our neighbors, both long-standing and new, have been enjoying life in our pleasant surroundings here in the Grove. Greenways chair Gabe Anibas has our green spaces looking good; we have avoided serious damage    from bad weather; Walnut Grove Park has been a welcome haven for residents, both furry and bipedal; and, thankfully, we have been experiencing a largely quiet, uneventful season in most respects. I’d like to issue a “shout out” to Social Committee chair Kathy McComb and her volunteers for putting on a nice July Fourth celebration. Property sales and values continue strong and positive. Architectural Control Committee chair Denise Clearwood notes no issues with home improvement projects; treasurer Karen Kollath reports that our budget is sound, and with a solid reserve, and we hope everyone shares in this assessment of our ongoing comfort, security and prosperity.

Soon we will be moving from the heat of summer into a hopefully crisp fall and I also want to write about some upcoming changes in the Walnut Grove Homes Association.    While largely unexpected, I believe that they reflect good things for the area and that    my notifying you of them now will help the neighborhood in gearing up for them.

As some already may know, this spring the Mayor asked me to step up and serve on a city-wide committee and after careful consideration I agreed because I believe public service, especially when solicited, is both an honor and an opportunity that should not be taken lightly. At the same time, I accepted the committee role not anticipating an expanded agenda, the obligations of which I’ve been hoping to meet while still serving as WGHA president along with other public and non-profit leadership posts I’m committed to. The reality is that my public duties are turning out to be more demanding than I had reckoned on, and I learned long ago never to over-commit whenever performance of a public trust is involved. As a result, I’ve announced my decision to step down as WGHA President at our September meeting. Vice President Mark Schmitt will take on the top job at that time in accordance with the bylaws although I’m honoring the commitment I made on re-election at the last annual meeting to remain as a member for the foreseeable future.

It has been a great honor serving you as President for going on five years now and I know that Mark and our other stellar Board members are well-qualified to keep the Association and our neighborhood in good shape. I look forward to continue serving with them – and all of you – to meet the needs of Walnut Grove. Of course, we should never be satisfied that our neighborhood and community are as good as we can possibly make them. And, change offers opportunities for new ideas, new energy and new projects to step forward. I encourage anyone interested in serving on the Board to contact me, Mark or any other member listed on our website for further information. We always are exploring ways of promoting neighborhood improvements, especially with respect to building community, and fostering a healthy, safe and comfortable quality of life. Gina and I are grateful to everyone who has been so kind and helpful to me in the course of my tenure as president, and we look forward to enjoying your company and working with you to continue to make Walnut Grove, “A Neighborhood that Cares.”

Eric Lewandowski




4th of July Celebration at Walnut Grove Park

All ages are invited to join Walnut Grove neighbors in the Walnut Grove Park on Monday, July 4th.indep

Starting at 4:30 we will have our Annual bikes, strollers,wagons Parade.
Don’t forget to use your patriotic creativity when decorating!!

Following the parade, we will have a picnic supper.
Food and drinks provided.
Just bring a blanket to sit on.

Please RSVP to Kathy McComb at by July 2nd.
This is a great way to meet new and current neighbors! Hope to see you there!!!